• Integrated Power Console
    Integrated Power Console

    The IPC® System is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries. Our IPC System and its suite of application-specific products make it the most versatile console on the market. From inferior turbinoplasties to complex skull base cases, the IPC platform can serve your full range of ENT surgery needs.

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  • Handpieces Straightshot M4/ M5 Microdebrider
    Handpieces Straightshot M4/ M5 Microdebrider

    The Straightshot® M4/ m5 Microdebrider is an innovative powered handpiece for ENT surgery that helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision when incising or removing soft tissue, hard tissue, or bone. It's powered by our multispecialty.

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  • NIM Nerve Monitoring System
    NIM Nerve Monitoring System

    Intraoperative NIM nerve monitors enable surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function during a variety of surgical procedures to help reduce the potential risk of nerve damage.

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  • Tubes  Endotracheal  NIM EMG
    Tubes Endotracheal NIM EMG

    Provides both an open airway for patient ventilation and intraoperative nerve monitoring capability for the recurrent laryngeal or vagus nerves.

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  • APS Electrodes
    APS Electrodes

    Enables early detection of a change in nerve function through continuous vagus nerve monitoring.

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  • Probes and Other accessories
    Probes and Other accessories

    Monopolar and bipolar probes, electrodes, stimulus-dissection instruments, and other accessories for use with NIM nerve monitoring systems.

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  • Stim Bur
    Stim Bur

    Enables integrated facial nerve monitoring during otologic procedures to alert surgeons of the bur's proximity to the facial nerve and help reduce the risk of patient injury.

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  • Advanced Energy System
    Advanced Energy System

    AEX Generator- The New Innovation in RF Cautery and Coagulation (AEX – The Combination of PEAK Plasma & Aquamantys systems).

    ONE energy solution that allows you to:

    • Have access to the latest innovations in cutting and coagulation for optimalpatient treatment

    • Improve operating room efficiency by simultaneous use of cutting andcoagulation devices

    • Limit hospital inventory by offering 1 system for multidisciplinary use in theOR

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